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Burglary is a crime that happens every 40 seconds in the UK and is a crime that affects many people. Burglary is classed as any forced entry into a residence for the purposes of committing the crime of theft. It is an extremely emotional and upsetting experience to discover that you’ve been burgled. It’s not just that you may have lost valuable property but also that your personal, private space feels invaded. Even if nothing has been stolen, the thought of a stranger being in your home can be very distressing and feel like a violation of your security. Read More


Keeping up to date with bar equipment

Even if you have a well established bar, it’s essential that you keep up to date with all the latest bar equipment, to ensure you provide the best possible service to your customers. Here we give you all the details on some of the latest pieces of kit in the industry.

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Chiller units in pubs now need to accommodate a growing range of products, as consumer tastes are changing. There has been an increase in sales of fruit-based ciders, and the number of breweries in the UK grew by 8% between 2015 and 2016, as craft beer sales continue to surge. Pubs need to highlight the extensive variety they have and make it easy for customers to see exactly what is available, by using stylish, effective and well-lit chillers.

Coffee sales

Pub culture isn’t all about evening drinking and alcoholic beverages anymore, and with more outlets serving food throughout the day, including breakfasts, coffee sales have also been increasing. It’s important to choose the right type of coffee machine for your needs, and this doesn’t always mean having the biggest and fanciest unit available. Catering suppliers have a range of products, so you can choose one that is easy and quick for your staff to use, as well as low maintenance, in order to speed up service.


It can be appealing to have an extensive selection of glassware that can be matched to the particular drinks you’re serving, but if space is limited, then a flexible range of glasses would be best. Research the products available at online catering suppliers, such as, and go for ones that can be used across a number of beverages – including beers, ales, lagers, spirits, wines and soft drinks.

Keeping a check on temperatures

One of the biggest issues that bars and restaurants can face is complying with temperature regulations when it comes to storing and serving food. Even in a busy outlet, it’s essential to keep a check on this, including monitoring the temperature of freezers and fridges regularly and ensuring food is served at the right temperature. To assist with this, there are a variety of products on the market, including new food probes that can read temperatures accurately in a few seconds and dishwasher thermometers, so that crockery and glassware is cleaned at a high enough temperature.


Essential Catering Equipment: The Checklist

Whether you are a caterer on a large scale or cater for small functions, many of you will have forgotten something essential at the least convenient time. Even if you haven’t, you will probably have had recurring nightmares about doing so! Never forget anything ever again with our essential catering equipment checklist guide.

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According to the Nationwide Caterers’ Association, it is important in any catering business, whether you are a start-up or established company, you will need certified catering equipment that you can rely upon.

The key thing is to be organised, make a list, know what you need and tick it off when you have purchased it. Having a methodical process can ensure you make your catering event a success.

Kitchen Equipment

If you are operating on a commercial scale, then your kitchen equipment needs to be up to the job. One of the biggest investments will be in the industrial-style units required, such as commercial refrigeration and freezers as well as top-spec ovens. Nowadays most research and purchasing is done online, so a site such as will have most of what you require when it comes to storing food and drinks.

Once you have the bulkier items in place, you can then concentrate on the smaller but necessary catering equipment required.

Table Equipment

This needn’t be a difficult task: simply think of your own dinner table and then add the extras you would expect if you were to hire in caterers. You will need crockery, including dinner plates and salad bowls, and cutlery such as knives and forks as well as steak knives too. Next consider all the various bits of glassware you will require, such as wine glasses, tumblers and even flower vases. Thinking of the centre of the table, there will be salt and pepper mills and butter dishes. Finally, napkins and table cloths are also part of the checklist.

Buffet Equipment

If you are going to be offering a buffet style of catering, then you will need to purchase items such as serving dishes, tongs and serving equipment, hot plates and cutting boards to carve meat on.


With the main items on the list ticked off, it’s time to think about decorations as well as serving cloths and aprons.

With all your equipment organised, your next event will be a hit!


How easy is it to drive a forklift?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive a forklift truck? Haulage and logistics are big business and will always need drivers to operate this lifting and carrying equipment. There is minimal training needed and excellent benefits. Every manufacturer or industrial compnay will need an army of forklift drivers to move materials around a site safely and efficiently. Materials handling would be a nightmare without forklift truck drivers.

Before training, it’s useful to have a bit of background knowledge about the concepts of forklift driving so you can decide if this type of training is for you. There is no licencing body or an official licence for forklift driving and the law here is somewhat vague but there is a duty of responsibility for an employer to recognise the safety necessities of proper training for all staff using such equipment. Providing training is practical and reasonable and this is how a court would view it so it’s an important aspect of beginning to drive a forklift truck.

Training is necessary for a number of reasons. Forklift trucks are specially designed to carry heavy loads in small spaces around pallet racking and shelving that can be very high. These things combined can make for a a hazardous environment. For Used Pallet racking, visit We’ve all seen the comedy sketches where some hapless individual doesn’t know how to handle one and brings all the racking crashing down around them! Because of this, the forklift’s weight distribution, size and shape makes it quite different from driving any other type of vehicle. Driving one safely with a full load on takes some skill and practice and then driving one without a load on feels different yet again.

Things included in the training are:

  • Forklift manoeuvring – this is by far the most challenging aspect, moving the vehicle in confined spaces. It takes a fair amount of training and practice to do so safely.
  • Equipment checking – all equipment must be checked on a regular basis so it remains safe for use. Formal inspections are a bit like an MOT. As well as the formal checks, the driver will be expected to make their own checks in line with health and safety.
  • Cargo Control – you need to learn how to handle loads safely and training includes stacking, unstacking, proper load balancing and smooth operation.

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Most companies these days will expect to see some proof of certification before you are allowed to be loose on one. There are a few different courses on offer including Reach Forklift, Counterbalance Forklift and a combined Reach and Counterbalance course. Refresher courses on a regular basis throughout your career is also a good idea as technology changes all the time. How often will depend on the industry in which you work and the confidence you have in your forklift driving abilities. At least once a year is a good idea and this applies even to established professional forklift operators.


Nintendo is offering $20,000 to hackers to break into the new 3DS

The electronics giant Nintendo is offering to reward hackers for breaking into its new 3DS system. There is a $20,000 (just under £15,750) top prize on offer, along with smaller prizes, depending on how successful hackers are at reporting bugs or faults in the system. The plan is to crowdsource testing of the system using the online community’s skills and vast numbers to check the platform’s stability.

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HackerOne, a San Francisco-based company that manages system vulnerabilities, reported the Nintendo offer at the start of December 2016. The challenge gives hackers the opportunity to use their skills and get paid handsomely for the privilege.

Bugs for bounty

The idea behind the bugs for bounty move is simple. Nintendo wants to find weaknesses and faults in its 3DS handheld system to improve the player experience whilst gaming, of course, but also needs to secure its system against malicious hacks and cybercrime. This is of real concern when digital payments are being processed through Nintendo’s app store. Excellent security needs to be tested and in place to reassure users that their details are safe.

Using the online community as a software testing service is not a new idea, of course. Netscape introduced a bugs for bounties system back in the 90s that rewarded users who found problems in its systems. Scroll on 20 years and this type of crowdsourcing is now commonplace in the market. Organisations such as Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Slack and LinkedIn have all used bugs for bounty offers to improve their systems; in addition, there are now companies devoted to providing testing solutions to the market, such as

Tangible benefits of testing

Whilst the primary motivation is revenue generation through Nintendo’s online store, there are other obvious benefits from the programme for Nintendo’s users. The challenge is one way in which Nintendo can deal with 3DS modding and cheats that can proliferate on some games and ruin player immersion and experience. Added to this is the ability for Nintendo to control information being shared on its system and to minimise the chance of inappropriate content being seen or shared by minors.

If you fancy using your hacking skills to legitimately make some cash, why not give the Nintendo challenge a try?


Will the Future of Financial Planning Necessarily Mean Robotic Advice?

Artificial intelligence will take over a large variety of jobs in the next 20 years, including financial advice, according to a report from analysts at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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The report predicts that robots will completely transform the way that people manage their finances. People will be able to instantly tailor investment and financial portfolios to suit their own personal situation. But that isn’t all – it will also simplify taxes and debts, making finances easier for everyone.

The robots have already been dubbed the ‘robo-advisers’, and financial experts believe that they will even be able to have personal chats with their clients. While this may sound like an expensive service, it is very likely to be much cheaper than hiring a human financial adviser.

Robot Adviser Vs Human Adviser

A ‘robo-adviser’ may sound like something futuristic, but they are already available in the UK and the USA for people who cannot afford a human financial adviser. While this has made financial advice accessible to more people, is it as effective as a human financial adviser?

The short answer is no. Current robo-advisers are basically online wealth management services, and currently the systems cannot adapt to changing circumstances, so the advice that they offer can quickly become out-dated. According to Equities, robo-advisers are unable to communicate with their client, so they can’t adapt; instead, they base all of their predictions on one brief moment in time.

It seems that the best option currently is websites that join financial advisers with clients, such as These systems have back office systems for financial advisers, so they can provide clients with affordable and useful financial advice.

However, robo-advisers are still in their infancy, and we can expect that they will change and improve considerably over the next two decades. It is entirely possible that there will soon be effective robo-advisers who can provide their clients with personalised and helpful financial advice.

Which Is Best for You?

Should you use a robo-adviser? If you have relatively simple finances and you aren’t looking for help with investments and future projects, a robo-adviser may be suitable for you, as it will help you to create a financial portfolio. However, a robo-adviser may not be the best option if you have complex finances.


How Long Will my Laminate Floor Last for?

Laminate flooring has many advantages – it is easy to install, easy to clean, and has a great finish. However, unlike a hardwood floor which after a period of time can simply be sanded and finished for a fresh look, a laminate floor that has suffered damage and wear and tear must be replaced.

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As a result, it’s no surprise that consumers are interested in knowing how long their laminate floor will last.

Any Guarantees?

It is highly likely that a laminate floor will last beyond the manufacturer’s guarantee. Guarantees are given on laminate floors that they will last for six years or more. As with many products there is truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”, reflected by the fact that the length of guarantee offered increases with the price.

Top quality wood flooring, which you can find at, can come with a warranty of up to 30 years – which will clearly ensure that it has more than covered its cost.

However, it is essential to be realistic and not set your expectations too high. This is particularly true for those laminate floors which are installed in areas with above average footfall – hallways and kitchens for example, which are popular areas for laminate flooring in light of how easy they are to clean. However, in these areas in particular, the floor will be well used and is likely to show signs of that use.

Looking After Your Laminate

To ensure that you get the most out of your floor, it is essential to clean it correctly. Often laminate floors become terribly damaged simply because they are not cared for as they should be. It may pay to invest in a floor cleaner manufactured for use with laminate floors, and these can be found at many good flooring specialists, in particular an online flooring company who sell high quality laminate.

Thinking about how long a laminate floor will “last” may mean different things to different people. However, it is essential to remain realistic, as a laminate floor, no matter the quality, may not look as it did the day it was installed ten years later. The truth is that some laminate floors last very well indeed, but much depends on the product and its usage.


Why Further Research Needs to Happen to Assess the Role of Cannabis in Pain Relief

Medical marijuana is a hot topic today for all kinds of reasons. More cannabis is being sold and purchased in legal outlets, and it is being prescribed much more frequently as a treatment.

Why Further Research Needs to Happen to Assess the Role of Cannabis in Pain Relief

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For those suffering from chronic pain, such as people afflicted with arthritis, the debate surrounding medical cannabis is of utter importance. Medical cannabis is being discussed with regards to policing, health effects, drafting policy and even its relevance for municipal zoning, but debate about its benefits and what is known about it – its potential uses and hazards – has been rather limited.

Limited Knowledge

The truth is that what we know about cannabis, based on scientific research that has been meticulously controlled, explored and recorded, does not amount to much.

As more prescriptions are dispensed to patients with chronic pain, this makes the dearth of information about medical cannabis an even more pressing situation to resolve. Various governments have been accused of blocking efforts to conduct research. Professionals such as health charities, physicians, medical researchers and clinicians should all be consulted too.

Patient Safety

Regulation and monitoring of the increasing number of legal dispensaries is critical. The products sold must be regulated also for content, quality and efficacy. Research has a vital part to play in helping all of this to happen, as it is needed to set out essential parameters. It is quite simple: this topic requires more data to move the debate forward.

Importance of Research

Although evidence suggests that medical marijuana can assist in managing pain, more extensive clinical data is required. Research is proceeding too slowly to allow patients in need to take advantage of the benefits of medical cannabis, according to this report from The Guardian. Patients and their carers are becoming increasingly angry over what they see as obstructions to useful research.

If you required the services of a clinical research organization, then it would be wise to consult the experts, such as the researchers at G and l scientific for targeted assistance.

The issue of medical cannabis is not going away any time soon. However, the debate needs to be informed by more data, which can only be obtained by conducting the same kind of rigorous trials that are applied to pharmaceutical products.