Why Further Research Needs to Happen to Assess the Role of Cannabis in Pain Relief

Medical marijuana is a hot topic today for all kinds of reasons. More cannabis is being sold and purchased in legal outlets, and it is being prescribed much more frequently as a treatment.

Why Further Research Needs to Happen to Assess the Role of Cannabis in Pain Relief

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For those suffering from chronic pain, such as people afflicted with arthritis, the debate surrounding medical cannabis is of utter importance. Medical cannabis is being discussed with regards to policing, health effects, drafting policy and even its relevance for municipal zoning, but debate about its benefits and what is known about it – its potential uses and hazards – has been rather limited.

Limited Knowledge

The truth is that what we know about cannabis, based on scientific research that has been meticulously controlled, explored and recorded, does not amount to much.

As more prescriptions are dispensed to patients with chronic pain, this makes the dearth of information about medical cannabis an even more pressing situation to resolve. Various governments have been accused of blocking efforts to conduct research. Professionals such as health charities, physicians, medical researchers and clinicians should all be consulted too.

Patient Safety

Regulation and monitoring of the increasing number of legal dispensaries is critical. The products sold must be regulated also for content, quality and efficacy. Research has a vital part to play in helping all of this to happen, as it is needed to set out essential parameters. It is quite simple: this topic requires more data to move the debate forward.

Importance of Research

Although evidence suggests that medical marijuana can assist in managing pain, more extensive clinical data is required. Research is proceeding too slowly to allow patients in need to take advantage of the benefits of medical cannabis, according to this report from The Guardian. Patients and their carers are becoming increasingly angry over what they see as obstructions to useful research.

If you required the services of a clinical research organization, then it would be wise to consult the experts, such as the researchers at G and l scientific for targeted assistance.

The issue of medical cannabis is not going away any time soon. However, the debate needs to be informed by more data, which can only be obtained by conducting the same kind of rigorous trials that are applied to pharmaceutical products.


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