Whether you are a caterer on a large scale or cater for small functions, many of you will have forgotten something essential at the least convenient time. Even if you haven’t, you will probably have had recurring nightmares about doing so! Never forget anything ever again with our essential catering equipment checklist guide.

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According to the Nationwide Caterers’ Association, it is important in any catering business, whether you are a start-up or established company, you will need certified catering equipment that you can rely upon.

The key thing is to be organised, make a list, know what you need and tick it off when you have purchased it. Having a methodical process can ensure you make your catering event a success.

Kitchen Equipment

If you are operating on a commercial scale, then your kitchen equipment needs to be up to the job. One of the biggest investments will be in the industrial-style units required, such as commercial refrigeration and freezers as well as top-spec ovens. Nowadays most research and purchasing is done online, so a site such as will have most of what you require when it comes to storing food and drinks.

Once you have the bulkier items in place, you can then concentrate on the smaller but necessary catering equipment required.

Table Equipment

This needn’t be a difficult task: simply think of your own dinner table and then add the extras you would expect if you were to hire in caterers. You will need crockery, including dinner plates and salad bowls, and cutlery such as knives and forks as well as steak knives too. Next consider all the various bits of glassware you will require, such as wine glasses, tumblers and even flower vases. Thinking of the centre of the table, there will be salt and pepper mills and butter dishes. Finally, napkins and table cloths are also part of the checklist.

Buffet Equipment

If you are going to be offering a buffet style of catering, then you will need to purchase items such as serving dishes, tongs and serving equipment, hot plates and cutting boards to carve meat on.


With the main items on the list ticked off, it’s time to think about decorations as well as serving cloths and aprons.

With all your equipment organised, your next event will be a hit!