Laminate flooring has many advantages – it is easy to install, easy to clean, and has a great finish. However, unlike a hardwood floor which after a period of time can simply be sanded and finished for a fresh look, a laminate floor that has suffered damage and wear and tear must be replaced.

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As a result, it’s no surprise that consumers are interested in knowing how long their laminate floor will last.

Any Guarantees?

It is highly likely that a laminate floor will last beyond the manufacturer’s guarantee. Guarantees are given on laminate floors that they will last for six years or more. As with many products there is truth in the saying “you get what you pay for”, reflected by the fact that the length of guarantee offered increases with the price.

Top quality wood flooring, which you can find at, can come with a warranty of up to 30 years – which will clearly ensure that it has more than covered its cost.

However, it is essential to be realistic and not set your expectations too high. This is particularly true for those laminate floors which are installed in areas with above average footfall – hallways and kitchens for example, which are popular areas for laminate flooring in light of how easy they are to clean. However, in these areas in particular, the floor will be well used and is likely to show signs of that use.

Looking After Your Laminate

To ensure that you get the most out of your floor, it is essential to clean it correctly. Often laminate floors become terribly damaged simply because they are not cared for as they should be. It may pay to invest in a floor cleaner manufactured for use with laminate floors, and these can be found at many good flooring specialists, in particular an online flooring company who sell high quality laminate.

Thinking about how long a laminate floor will “last” may mean different things to different people. However, it is essential to remain realistic, as a laminate floor, no matter the quality, may not look as it did the day it was installed ten years later. The truth is that some laminate floors last very well indeed, but much depends on the product and its usage.