2016 has been an amazing year for Leicester. The cherry on the cake is a study by the University of Bath and ESPN, the results of which saw the city ranked as the Greatest Sporting City in the UK for 2016.

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A Great Year for Leicester

The result was fuelled in part by the Premier League title won by Leicester City FC, which helped the city climb a huge 17 places from their previous year’s position of 18th, behind London, Manchester and 15 other cities. Leicester scored a remarkable maximum score for the social, community, local talent, match-day atmosphere and success factors.

Following close behind Leicester were Manchester, which has dropped from first place in 2015, and London, which fell from second place to third this year. The top five cities were completed by Liverpool, in fourth place, and Leeds in fifth.

Of course, the other side of the story is those cities which have not scored so highly. Blackpool saw themselves at the very bottom of the table for another year, sitting at number 49. York in 48th place and Luton in 47th were also disappointing, alongside Bournemouth, which found itself at number 46.

Working Together

The Mayor of Leicester City is understandably proud of such an achievement, especially given last year’s result. Sir Peter Soulsby talked of the huge boost the award has given to the community. He feels the research clearly reflects what has been an extremely positive year for the city and its residents. As well as massive success for the football team, the city is also home to enormously successful rugby, basketball, cricket and hockey clubs. Given that the city consists of just 330,000 people, this level of sporting success is especially noteworthy. Local clubs also get the ordinary residents involved, providing classes and drills such as the hockey drill video from Investment in sport is considered a priority.

It is a sign of the community’s sporting talent but also their ability to pull together as a team to support each other, no matter what sport they are involved in. All the sporting clubs are proud of each other’s various achievements, and it is partly that recognition and support which have helped give the city such a massive boost.